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What has WO=MEN achieved

We continuously work on a gender-just world in which women and girls enjoy the same rights as men and boys. To achieve this a change in the international system is needed. Citizens, (religious) leaders, governments and the business community bear responsibility for this. 


Important achievements in 2018

  • In the autumn of 2018, WO=MEN was appointed SDG 5 coordinator.
  • Partly thanks to lobbying by WO=MEN and its members, gender equality and women's rights are a core theme in the Policy Memorandum Investeren in Perspectief (Investing in Perspective) by Minister Kaag.
  • During the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence campaign, Kirsten van den Hul (PvdA) and Dilan Yeşilgöz (VVD) launched the Gender Meer Partijen Initiatief (Multi-Party Gender Initiative).
  • In the run up to the European Parliament elections, we provided input for the different political party programmes.
  • As a result of powerful lobbying by WO=MEN, among others, a representative from civil society participated in the Dutch government delegation to the UN meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women.
  • We provided input for the task force of the UN Security Council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a successful mandate renewal for UNAMA, with Women, Peace and Security high on the agenda. And also during the other debates, the Dutch representation ensured that Women, Peace and Security remained on the UN Security Council's agenda.
  • Together with Human Security Collective, we took an important step with the launch of the shadow reporting about the impact of financial anti-terror measures by Dutch donors and banks on Dutch organisations that are involved in women's rights and gender equality worldwide.
  • We are a critical yet constructive stakeholder in the ICSR covenant process and generate more attention for women's rights and gender equality.
  • We provided input for the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights. The input was included in relation to the specific guidelines that the Working Group published in July 2019. 


In our ANNUAL REPORT 2018 you can read in detail how we bring different stakeholders together and work towards achieving the results: 

  1. The national and international standards, laws, policy and implementation for gender equality and women's rights are inclusive and sustainable;
  2. Individuals and groups have an inclusive and positive image of gender equality and women's rights;
  3. A strong and active civil society plays a crucial role in transforming (power) relations in the field of gender equality;
  4. Public and private institutions promote, facilitate and respect equal participation and women's rights.




The Database contains information about gender equality, respect for women's rights and all the themes WO=MEN strives for worldwide.